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The Wide Receivers (and Tight Ends)

August 26, 2010

Heading into 2010, one’s assessment of the wide receivers probably depends on whether or not one is a glass half empty or glass half full type of guy.   If you’re the former, you look at Michigan’s wide receivers and are concerned that there is no “go-to” guy, no true game breaker, and lots of uncertainty.  If you’re the latter, you look at the receivers and see 6 or 7 guys with lots of speed, and who are all mostly interchangeable between the inside, outside and slot positions. 

What I see is a lot of talent at the position, and the only real question is who is going to emerge as the stars.  The leading returning receiver is Roy Roundtree, who came on strong last year and was a favorite target of Tate Forcier.  Roundtree is probably the most versatile receiver, and is capable of playing all three WR positions.  He’s consistent, and will see plenty of playing time this fall.  The other returning standout is Daryl Stonum.  Stonum is the biggest deep threat, and has had a great fall camp and offseason.

After Stonum and Roundtree, the picture clouds a bit over who will see time at receiver.  Martavious Odoms played a lot last year, especially in the slot, and may be the most electrifying player, but injuries and incosistencies have plagued him.  Junior Hemingway is a true outside receiver who can go across the middle and go get jump balls too.  If healthy, he could be our most effective receiver, but that’s a BIG if. 

Another guy who may contribute is sophomore Je’Ron Stokes, who is fast, strong, and has an apostrophe in his name.  The apostrophe doesn’t make him a better player, but it makes him one of my favorites.  If you’re looking for a freshman to make in impact, its Ricardo Miller, a highly rated recruit who was originally from Florida, but moved to Ann Arbor before his senior year.  Miller will be a star here before he is done, but because of depth at WR, he may not see the field much this year. 

I’m lumping Tight Ends in here because they’ve become a smaller part of the offense under Rich Rod.  Last year, the goal was to get them more involved, but continued drops and inconsistencies forced the offense to go in another direction.   There’s nice depth at TE, with senior Martell Webb, junior Kevin Koger, and redshirt sophomore Brandon Moore all with playing experience.  How much each contributes this year will be largely based on how well they play early in the season.  If Webb and Koger, the likely starters, get going early, I could see both having big seasons. 

Overall, the wide receivers and tight ends are probably one of our strongest positions in terms of talent and depth.  While nobody may end up an All-American, we have several very good options at wide receiver, and potentially the same thing at tight end. 

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  1. August 31, 2010 4:11 PM

    Glad you like apostrophes. However, you missed a couple, including in “it’s” in frontof Ricardo Miller in the next line down. “It’s” is a contraction of “it is” and requires the apostrophe. Please tell your Dad I am sstill proud of both of you . . .


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