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10 Predictions for 2010

September 3, 2010

While most prognisticators love to look at the schedule and break down each game to make a season long prediction, I tend to shy away from that.  Over a 12 game schedule a lot can change with your team, as well as with the teams you’re playing.  It’s tough to predict the score of the Wisconsin game in November when there is still 10 games and 2 1/2 months before that game.  So instead, I give you 10 predictions for the year.  Some are broad and some specific.  And most are just blind guesses with a twinge of homerism sprinkled in as well.

  1. By the end of the season true freshmen Carvin Johnson, Marvin Robinson, and Christian Cullen will have Michigan fans more excited about the future of the secondary than we’ve been in years. 
  2. At some point this year, despite how good Tate and Denard might be, we will all wonder if we should be starting Devin Gardner instead.
  3. The offense will be among the most prolific in modern Michigan history, and will average 35 points per game.
  4. We will have two defensive players on the All-Conference team.  My money is on Mike Martin and Craig Roh
  5.  We will beat MSU, and potentially embarrass them
  6. The running back position will remain a question for most of the season
  7. We go from bottom 20 in turnover margin in 2009, to top 60 in 2010
  8. Daryl Stonum is our leading receiver, closely followed by Roy Roundtree
  9. We go at least .500 in the Big Ten 
  10. We’ll spend the holiday season in Florida

And just for good measure, here’s a quick prediction on the UConn game tomorrow:

Their offense is good, our offense is better.  Their defense is bad, but ours is probably worse.  Lots of scoring, but we pull away eventually. 

Michigan 38  Connecticut 28

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