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6 Things To Watch for Tomorrow

September 24, 2010

In the past couple of seasons, every Michigan fan has learned not to take any game for granted.  That being said, its tough to get excited about a game against Bowling Green, even if a win does get us one victory closer to bowl eligibility.  But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any interesting subplots to take note of tomorrow during the game.

Hopefully, unlike last week, the outcome will be in hand by halftime and we’ll get to see some of the backups this time.  In the meantime, I offer 6 players/things to watch tomorrow during the game:

  1. Mike Martin – As I mentioned in TGTBaTU this week, Mike Martin is an absolute beast who has been laying waste to every center/guard he’s gone up against this season.  Bowling Green’s offensive line has struggled so far this year, so it should be fun to see Mike Martin run over and around their centers and guards.  If you pay close enough attention, at some point you may actually feel sorry for whomever has the unfortunate luck to go up against him.
  2. Taylor Lewan – If you were watching in the second half last Saturday, you may have seen a left tackle wearing #77 driving a linebacker 15 yards downfield.  For a second, I thought Jake Long had snuck on the field – but what I soon realized that it was actually Taylor Lewan’s coming out party.  Lewan wears the same number as Long, is built like him, and has the same mean streak as him.  And although ending up as the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft might be too lofty of expectations, Lewan has the makings of the next great tackle at Michigan.  He’s been splitting time with #72 Mark Huyge, but will definitely be on the field tomorrow.  If you don’t see him on the line of scrimmage, try looking 15 yards downfield.
  3. The Linebackers – WARNING – watching our linebackers is like watching a solar eclipse – never look directly at them and only do it for short periods of time.  I’m kidding.  Sort of.  I’m still willing to write off Mouton’s bad game last week as just that, a bad game.  Obi however is a different story.  If you happen to watch him and he’s reacting quickly and shedding blocks, then chances are it’s not him.  I’m secretly hoping that someone else will be at MLB on Saturday.  At the very least, I expect some of the younger guys to at least get a few chances to showcase their stuff.  I’d love to see #25 Kenny Demens or #42 J.B. Fitzgerald step up.  They haven’t as of yet, but they should get a chance to tomorrow.
  4. Backup Quarterbacks – The rumors coming from Schembechler Hall this week is that both Tate and Devin Gardner are going to play, no matter what.  From RR’s standpoint, he has to get these guys on the field at some point, and Bowling Green is the last “pushover” on the schedule.  While hopefully he’ll wait until we build a lead, I expect both Tate and Devin to play a decent amount tomorrow.  In Tate’s case, he’s been a good teammate the last few weeks, and I want to see that rewarded with some playing time.  With Devin, its important to get him game experience – just in case.  I still hope we get to see plenty of Shoelace though – if he’s going to win the Heisman he needs a couple of more “wow” moments.
  5. An Aggressive Defense – After last week’s defensive debacle, many are claiming that defensive coordinator Greg Robinson is too stubborn to change his ways, and that his “bend, don’t break” defense is going to be the death of us all.  That seems a little drastic to me, but I see where they are coming from.  But I think tomorrow presents the perfect opportunity to take some chances and prove the naysayers wrong.  I’m hoping that Robinson will unleash the defense and let them take some risks.  While the defense was pretty good the first couple of weeks, I’ d like to see us do more to force the action.  While we are limited by the athletes on the field in some spots, we haven’t taken them out for a spin so to speak, to see what they can do.  Tomorrow is a great opportunity to see what they are capable of.  Of course if they get burned multiple times, forget I ever wrote this.
  6. The Kicking Game  – At this point, if we make all of our extra points and at least one field goal, its worth a celebration.  If we get a 3 TD lead, I’d like to see us just practice field goals any time we get inside the 20.  Why not have an open tryout during the game?  Seriously though, I hope to see marked improvement in punting, punt returns and field goal kicking tomorrow.  It’s probably the last game we can win without it making a difference.

As for a prediction:

Plenty of points by Michigan as Denard will rush for 100 and pass for 200 in only 3 quarters of play.  Last week we put up 35 points in just under 32 minutes of play – we may do the same thing this week, but in the first 32 minutes.  Defensively, Bowling Green will move the ball some, but I expect a much better defensive performance than last week.



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