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31 Birthday Wishes for Michigan Football

November 19, 2010

Since today is my 31st birthday, I’ve put together a list of my 31 wishes for Michigan Football….

  1. I wish for a free safety to emerge along the lines of Marcus Ray – and I’d settle for Jamar Adams.  And when I say emerge, I mean by noon tomorrow.
  2. I wish for a recruiting class with clones of Patrick Omameh and Taylor Lewan
  3. I wish for Rich Rod to find his Steve Slaton/Noel Devine (paging Demetrius Hart)
  4. I wish for Dave Brandon to be half as successful as I think he is going to be
  5. I wish for whomever is piping in the music at the Big House to be replaced
  6. I wish for every article we’ve read about Cam Newton to be re-written, with the name Terrelle Pryor instead
  7. I wish to see less Gordon’s on defense and more Iron’s, Swett’s, and Steele’s
  8. I wish the very best for Greg Robinson – but not in Ann Arbor
  9. I wish for a top-notch defensive coordinator that gets to run things the way he wants
  10. I wish for loyalty to a friend to be respected, but not in the face of incompetence
  11. I wish for a seek and destroy middle linebacker.  Mike Singletary is the ideal, but a David Harris clone will do
  12. I wish for Tate Forcier to live up to his early season promise, and stay in Ann Arbor for the rest of his collegiate career
  13. I wish for Rich Rodriguez to get credit for the A+ human being he is.  Criticize the football all you want, but he’s done some amazing things for a lot of people that doesn’t get the attention it should
  14. And on that same note, I wish for Rich Rodriguez to leave Michigan in 15 years with a name as revered as Carr, Schembechler and Yost
  15. I wish for opposing teams to come into the Big House expecting to lose instead of believing they can win
  16. I wish for Thanksgiving weekend in 2011 to include health, happiness, turkey, and a cloudy, overcast Saturday with the Big Ten title game appearance on the line in the Big House
  17. I wish that all the people who boo the team lose their seats and never be welcome in Michigan Stadium again.  The same goes for those who trash players on message boards
  18. I wish that Mike Martin was healthy.  Not just because he’s a good player, but because he’s so fun to watch
  19. I wish that no matter who are defensive coordinator is in 2011, the 3-3-5 playbook gets mysteriously misplaced.  Forever.
  20. I wish that Will Campbell is as good as Quinton Washington was going to be on the offensive line and that Quinton Washington is the defensive tackle we wanted Will Campbell to be
  21. I wish for a New Year’s Day Bowl game in Southern Florida
  22. I wish for Denard Robinson to realize that he can’t score if he keeps giving the other team the ball
  23. I wish for Tate Forcier to realize that he can’t score if he keeps giving the other team the ball
  24. I wish for our running backs to realize that they can’t score if they keep giving the other team the ball
  25. I wish for one win in the last 3 games just so people will stop saying “who have we beat this year?”
  26. I wish that we could see the type of damage a team with Rich Rod’s offense and Bo’s defense could do
  27. I wish that we could find one of those kickers that every other school seems to have that is basically automatic inside of 45 yards
  28. I wish that beating OSU wouldn’t send MSU to the Rose Bowl
  29. I still wish for a win in Columbus
  30. I wish for a long standing-ovation for the seniors tomorrow.  They’ve been through the toughest 4 year stretch of Michigan football that most of us have ever seen, including 3-9, 5-7, and Appalachian State.  But they’ve stayed, and though they may not end up being champions, when this thing gets turned around, they deserve an ovation just for sticking it out.
  31. I wish that tomorrow is the day that we look back at in the future and say “That’s the day we knew this was going to be special”
  32. And since you always wish for one to grow on – I wish that the motto of Michigan Football rings true in 2011 – Those Who Stay Will be Champions

Since today is about wishes and a false reality, I’m not going to hand out a prediction – because it’s in direct conflict with #31.  But there are three keys tomorrow’s game that need to happen for us to win.

  1. We may not have to win the turnover battle, but we can’t lose it by 2 or 3.  I’d rather see a turnover free game on both sides than 2 turnovers for each side.  We can’t give away points and give Wisconsin extra chances to score.
  2. It’s incredibly important that we get ahead and make Wisconsin play from behind.  Against Iowa and MSU that didn’t happen, and we just ran out of time to catch up.  Get the lead, and make them play catch up.
  3. Play better on Special Teams.  Punting has been good, field kicking below average, and kickoffs abysmal.  Raise each of those a half step to a full step, and we may get the hidden points and yards to pull off the upset.

It may not happen for us tomorrow, but the one thing this team has continually shown is that they won’t give up.  At the very least, I expect this one to be close in the 4th.

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  1. Linda permalink
    November 19, 2010 6:46 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are strong and determined. Good luck and have an amazing time celebrating your special day!

  2. Kref permalink
    November 19, 2010 7:23 PM

    Maybe it’s just the cold weather right now but reading some of those wishes just gave me the chills. In a good way. Oh, and really Andrew, EVERY article written about Cam Newton…??? Really???

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