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Night Games and Legacies

June 12, 2011

As  you may have heard, Michigan will host its first ever night game against Notre Dame in just under three months on September 10, 2011.  On Friday, Dave Brandon and Adidas unveiled the “legacy” jersey that Michigan will be wearing that night.  While most schools use a “throwback” jersey from a different era when turning back the clock, Michigan chose to create an entirely new jersey using elements from various different jerseys to pay homage to 132 years of Michigan football.    You can get a look at the jerseys below. 


While I’m not a huge fan of the jerseys as a long term solution, I have no problem with them for one night.   More importantly, the recruits and players seem to like them, which is a big reason schools do this.  They could wear brown paper bags for all I care, as long as we beat Notre Dame. 

One thing I am a huge fan of is the focus on marketing the Michigan brand that is occuring.  While I’m all for tradition, its important to create unique events that will keep Michigan football on the forefront of intercollegiate athletics.  The Big Chill at the Big House was a great example of this, and I expect “Under the Lights at Michigan Stadium” to draw the same type of national attention. It’s already being highlighted as the Game of the Week by ESPN/ABC, and should draw plenty of casual viewers in addition to Michigan and Notre Dame diehards.  I also expect a full day of festivities in Ann Arbor leading up to the game.   MSU has done a great job of promoting the MSU brand over the last few years, with basketball and football games at the Palace, Ford Field, and even hosting a basketball game next year on an air-craft carrier.  We don’t have to be quite as out of the box as they do in order to garner attention, but I do like to see the signature event from time to time.  And given that this IS the first night game in Michigan history, I’m glad the Athletic Department is going above and beyond.  Assuming the weather cooperates, I fully expect Michigan to have a new attendance record as of 9/10/2011, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it. 

For those who missed it, click here to view the abbreviated highlight video of the unveiling and here for the full 16:30 minute video of the festivities.

To see what Denard Robinson and Ryan Van Bergen think about the jerseys, go here.

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  1. richard peacock permalink
    August 23, 2011 10:58 AM

    your father is posting this to see if we can leave comments. But, I really enjoy your column and love that picture of Brady in the wrestling ring.


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