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In Honor of Michigan State Week – A Tribute To Little Brothers

October 13, 2011

In honor of Michigan State week, I thought I’d take some time out to recognize some of my favorite Little Brother’s of all time.  I hope Mike Hart approves.

Rob Kardashian – The quintessential Little Brother of the Kardashian family.   Never the star, always the sideshow.  Rob gets plenty of credit for putting up with his sisters, but there’s a reason they haven’t asked him to carry a show yet.

The Situation – Most don’t know The Situation has an older brother Marc, but since he is a self designated Spartan Fan, I did the research just so I could include him on this list.  If I could pick any celebrity to “represent” MSU, it probably would have been Ronnie, but the Sitch is a nice option too.

Chad Lowe – A perfect little brother.  Nothing particularly wrong with him, just not quite as successful or good looking as his older brother Rob.  Seems about right.

Casey Affleck – See “Chad Lowe”.  Casey’s a pretty solid actor and director in his own right, but Ben’s got the Oscar.  And of course there’s that whole Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner thing.

Prince Harry – Sure he’s a prince, but he’s not going to be King.  He’s good looking, charming, and likes to party too much….Sounds like Sparty to me!

Charlie Sheen – The one little brother that MSU could hang their hat on.  He’s unemployed and maybe a little nuts, but he’s also got a Brink’s truck full of cash and then some.  Older brother Emilio is nowhere to be seen, unless they do another Might Ducks movie.  At least Charlie is relevant.

Clint Howard – Let’s see, older brother Ron Howard was a child star,  is an Oscar winning Director, and according to Wikipedia, has an asteroid named after him.  Clint Howard’s claim to fame is being the winner of the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award whose other winners include Chewbacca and Godzilla.  You get the picture.

Arnold Drummond – Sure he was cute, but he was a little annoying too with his catchphrases.  If anyone was ever the annoying little brother, it was Arnold.

Andrew Shue – The two things that I know about Andrew Shue is that he has an attractive older sister and that he hasn’t been relevant since the early 90’s when he was on Melrose Place.  If MSU was relevant in football in the 1990’s, this would be the perfect match.

Ben Savage – Ben Savage, star of Boy Meets World and….well I guess that’s it.  Older brother Fred was a bit of a one hit wonder himself, but at least the Wonder Years is good enough to get replayed in syndication.  And more importantly Winnie Cooper > Topanga

Eli Manning – Sure Eli has a Super Bowl ring, but will he ever be taken as a serious contender for best Manning brother?  Hell, he’s still behind his Dad as far as Manning QB’s go according to most.  Good, just not good enough.

Drew Lachey – There’s plenty to make fun of about Drew’s older brother Nick, but he is the one married to Vanessa Manillo and is the host of a network TV show (even if it is the Sing-Off).  After 98 Degrees split, Nick had options.  Little brother Drew, not so much.

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  1. Brooks Corl permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:28 PM

    Cute, but I agree with several comments in the Free Press, News, and Ann Arbor News blogs this week. It’s time to retire the “Little Brother” thing and respect our opponent as a talented football team and one of two “large”, great educational instutions in our State.

    Yes, I’m a Michigan alum/native and bleed Maize & Blue! But I try to keep things positive…

  2. Brooks Corl permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:33 PM

    P. S.
    I forgot my closing: GO BLUE!!!!!

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